Townscaper Android Apk

Townscaper Android Apk

Townscaper became a kind of sleeper hit on Steam in 2020, and it’s slated for release on Android in Summer of 2021. If you haven’t already heard of it, it’s one of the most relaxing and satisfying city-building games ever released. There are no objectives or narrative elements, just empty space waiting to be develope.

The game is incredibly simple, with few on-screen controls or options. Essentially, you just click (or in this case, tap) on a spot on the screen to construct a bridge, road, house, tower, or something else entirely. What exactly gets build is determined by the game’s algorithm, not by you, so it always ends up fitting in perfectly with its surroundings.

Instant town-building game

Townscaper Android Apk

Townscaper is a  new game that  Swedish create it and  indie developer Oskar Stalberg that allows players to instantly build cozy coastal towns. With a series of mouse clicks, you can build a colorful town from a blank canvas of sea and sky. Described as more of a toy than a game, this building game has no goal and no real gameplay. It is just about creating plenty of buildings.

Townscaper Android games Apk

 Simple and beautiful

Most games with user-generated content require mastering a learning curve. Dreams require its players to go through a series of tutorials before they can begin building. Roblox, meanwhile, often requires scripting knowledge when building worlds from scratch. In Townscaper, however, everything is simple.

You start the game with a blank canvas of the blue sky and an empty sea. From that canvas, you can start building your town. The first left-click on the water will build the foundation of your first building—clicking on the same spot a second time will build the house. The third and fourth click will make the building rise. To make your town colorful, the game provides a color palette.

Players also need not worry about the details of the house they’re building since the game has a hidden algorithm that handles such details. It can add terraces, arches, and bridges as you play. It even adds gardens when spaces are enclosed. It also adds ladders to go down the water and clothesline between buildings. Many of these details are randomized, but they add life to the town you’re making. If you feel like you’ve added a building that is not to your liking, you can destroy it by clicking right.

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Could use customization options

Unlike other simulation games, it does not require you to do anything other than build your town. There are no people to check on and goals to meet like The Sims 4, and there are no turnips to purchase and friends to interact with like Animal Crossing. Sure, the game has a multitude of small elements that make it hyper lively—such as seagulls on the roof, tiny Wellington boots on the doorsteps, and mailboxes—but it does not affect the gameplay.

However, as expansive the creative possibilities that the game provides, it could use a few more customization options. For one, it is impossible to create circular buildings. There are no differently-shaped blocks to allow you to build unique-shaped houses. It also lacks modes of transportation, such as trains and cars. Moreover, it is difficult to carve curving paths. These lapses can be a bit frustrating since the game has so many avenues for creativity.


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