Stay Alive Mod APK Android Game

Stay Alive Mod APK

Game Stay Alive Mod APK One of the newest and most entertaining games of Dokole Paroli Limited in action-survival style. the door Game Survival The world is witnessing an unknown infectious disease that humans turn into zombies when they become infected, attacking humans and eating them to survive. In the meantime, when you wake up, you find yourself in an unknown place. A place full of disease and zombies. Now you have to start building your shelter to survive. By building all kinds of buildings and agricultural-industrial-war workshops, not only survive but also fight zombies with other survivors for survival. If you are a fan of famous games such as Prey Day – Dawn of Zombies – Last Day On Earth. Download Stay Alive Game + Mod APK For Android We suggest.

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Game Features Stay Alive

  • Eye-catching graphics
  • For all types of military-agricultural-industrial buildings
  • Has a variety of weapons of war
  • Existence of different types of vehicles: car – engine and ..
  • There are a variety of zombies
  • Existence of different places

The original version of the game Stay Alive (Android)

Manufacturer : Dokole Paroli Limited

Suitable age grade: 16 years and up

Style: action

Original file size: 73 MB

Game data size: 300 MB

Version : 0.9.1 (3/10/2013)

Android required: 6 and up

Condition : Online

New update features of 0.9.1 Stay Alive Mod APK

  • Added new event
  • Added new location

Download the original Stay Alive file

Download Stay Alive game data

Stay Alive game mode version (Android)

Manufacturer : Dokole Paroli Limited

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Suitable age grade: 16 years and up

Style: action

Mode main file size: 73 MB

Mode data file size: 300 MB

Version : 0.9.1 (3/10/2013)

Android required: 6 and up

Condition : Online

Mod Features 0.9.1 Game Stay Alive

  • Enemies without damage

Download the original file of Stay Alive mode

Download Stay Alive game mode data

Stay Alive Mod  game APK installation guide:

1- First through the link Direct download of the original file or game mode Download the file you want.

2- Then install the main game file but do not run it.

3- Through the link Direct download of game data Download the desired file and extract it on your phone.

4- More folder Extracted by name In the path of your phone memory Internal Storage in part of Android Inside the folder Data Copy your mobile.

Now run the game and enjoy if you still can not through the link and video below Video tutorial for installing data games Easily install data games on mobile.


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